The former Liverpool striker has opened up on his hard settling in period at Anfield that comprised a barren run in front of the goal.

Peter Crouch has confessed he”just wanted to conceal” through his first couple of months in Liverpool, after failing to find the net in 18 consecutive looks.

Liverpool snapped Crouch up for £7 million in Southampton in July 2005, linking down the forward to some four-year contract at Anfield.

But, Crouch was not able to generate a direct effect on Merseyside, as he became the butt of jokes among fans for going on four weeks without scoring.

The drought finally ended when the prior England frontman scored a brace against Wigan, but he explains the period beforehand since the lowest point of his whole career.

Crouch has disclosed he did not “even wish to leave the home” amid the general public scrutiny he discovered himself under however say Liverpool assistants stuck with him and assisted him to bounce back again.

He advised Paddy Power: “I moved 18 games before scoring for Liverpool back in 2005 and I have been asked if I worried I would never get a target and when my team-mates were providing me stick. Frankly, it had been the worst period in my soccer career.

“I recall my father saying’you are visiting a huge club, European champions at the moment, just receive your initial goal along with your confidence and you will be good’.

However, it just was not happening.

“In my own defence, I felt as though I had been attempting to do a great deal. But very few clubs could have stuck with me. I moved 18 games without scoring. Everywhere I went people knew, it had been on the rear of the newspapers.

“I believe that the entire time with no target was clocked around 24 hours and also on the front page among these had Jack Bauer from 24 teaming up using various images of my head appearing in misery, and that I thought it just could not get any worse.

It was dreadful. My father had to keep pulling out me after matches and have a couple of beers with me since I simply didn’t need to leave the home.

“Then thankfully the primary goal went, that actually probably was not my target from Wigan. It moved about 40 yards in the atmosphere along with also the keeper Mike Pollitt unintentionally helped me out by attempting to tip it on the bar but it went . At the moment, the entire floor was shaking. This was an electric atmosphere at Anfield for this goal.

“I have a load of stick. However, you know what, the Liverpool fans stuck with me and I will always keep in mind that for this day”