Liverpool reportedly want Fabian Ruiz, a player who would be a much better fit than another reported goal, Isco.

Whether you believe it or not, Liverpool seemingly have eyes on new midfielders. Specifically, according to El Desmarque, Ruiz and Isco.

The two Spanish midfielders are certainly top players who would add to any group. But one is a better match for Liverpool than another.

Part of that is down to the fee being roughly the same – £91m. There’s a good reason why, however, and it ought to break or make any movement.

Isco will be 28 this summer. That in itself makes the latter a far better option for the Reds. What’s the point in registering a 28-year-old, after all?

That would be a signing for the immediate, someone to play with this current squad. But this current squad is the best in the world and certainly doesn’t need anybody to fit in right now.

So Isco would, instead, begin fading away and need replacing at exactly the same time as the current stars. That just makes the whole thing entirely useless, honestly.

Ruiz, however, is at a fantastic age for any manager. By the time the current midfielders are pushing 30 and beyond, Ruiz would enter his prime after a couple of years working under Klopp.

That makes a lot more sense and justifies the inflated fee. It’s nearly impossible to justify any kind of substantial fee for Isco, however, at half the price of Ruiz.