I get that people pay money to see Liverpool FC travel and play before they are set to begin playing in the Premier League season, but there has been a fuss about Liverpool resting players during friendlies, including for the Community Shield against Man City. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said, “I understand people have to ask, but I couldn’t care less how they are at the moment because we have to get through this period immediately… It is a long season, then a long break in between (for the World Cup) and another pre-season, stuff like this, really strange. We have to make sure we are ready for that and not tonight.” There is no issue here and today we are going to explain exactly why.

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Why This Is The Right Choice

I understand that this is a huge deal in terms of notoriety as the Community Shield as the reigning Premier League champion and the holders of the FA Cup face off in a friendly match before the season begins. However, keep in mind that this game does not really matter in terms of either team’s standings and this is technically just a warmup game for both squads. If it was a match at NFL, it wouldn’’t be part of the NFL expert picks.

The Premier League begins on August 6 and that is the most important game coming up on their schedule. It is not like this is the only time they will play against one another either as they have two matches this season on October 15 and April 1. I understand that people may have bought tickets expecting the top players on each side, however, that is the nature coming off a grueling schedule over the last year and going forward. 

Having a lot of soccer in the immediate future is going to be tough on the players as they begin the Premier League, take a break for the World Cup with games beginning November 21 and the finals being on December 18, and then return to complete the remainder of the Premier League schedule. These unimportant friendlies are definitely the right time to get some rest for some of the more impactful players on the roster as well.  

Injury Concerns

Playing in meaningless games in terms of the standings means there is more likely a chance that an injury can take place. Take for example forward Mohamed Salah for the team. He is one of their best players and is currently 30 years old as of this writing. He already has a significant spot on the Liverpool roster and saving himself 90 minutes of gameplay for the regular season and World Cup play can be a good thing. 

Take into account that he can have a minor injury that can heal up while the games do not mean anything, but also the fact that it means a younger player lower on the roster will now get the opportunity to showcase their skills in the Community Shield match. I understand you typically want the best of each side no matter what, but this feels like the right decision. Like those decisions for who likes NFL picks and invests in them. So choose your health first to keep playing longer.


I understand the cause for concern from Liverpool fans, but this is the best thing to happen. Giving some players that you expect a lot out of to help you repeat as Premier League champions a day off is not going to mean anything in terms of the production on the field. It’s always good to give some rest because injuries come from fatigue and a day or two off before the season will definitely be great for everyone involved. 

This feels like Liverpool is using conventional wisdom here and not just looking game by game, but with an overview of everything. What do you think about Liverpool admitting that they are resting their players in friendlies before the Premier League season officially kicks off?