One of the strengths with Liverpool FC has been inside of the net. Scratch that, one of the strengths of Liverpool FC WAS inside of the net, but there have been issues throughout the preseason. Alisson Becker (known by just Alisson) is known to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world as he is excellent at positioning as well as making critical saves during significant moments of the match. However, he has struggled throughout the 2022 preseason and has some fans questioning how he will be as the season approaches. 

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What Exactly is Happening?

Alisson is one of, if not the, best goalkeepers on the entire planet as he is currently the reigning Premier League Golden Glove winner. However, the 29 year old has had hit a rough patch in the preseason as he began in goal and allowed four goals against Manchester United amnd was pulled at halftime. Alisson was notably missing from a losing effort in a friendly against Red Bull Salzburg, manager Jurgen Klopp stated, “no, Alisson and Diogo have no [chance]. Ali trained today more than the day before so he will be definitely available for Fulham, but not for the weekend.”

He also will sit out of the FA Community Shield against Manchester City due to an injury. However, there has been some incredible praise of his backup by Klopp as he also went on to add, “Alisson Becker is the best goalie in the world for me, there are other good goalkeepers out there but this goalies is absolutely insane. But to be honest for me Caoimhin Kelleher is the best number two goalie in the world as well.”

That is certainly high praise for the backup, which people have wrote off as heaping praise to the current goalie while Alisson is out with an injury. However, is that a bit of pressure Alisson to correct himself on the fly and hope the injury was the major reason for the signifcant dropoff in play or the first warning shot that his job is potentially not guaranteed?

How Much Job Security Does He Have?

Personally, I am not concerned because at 29 years old, Alisson is still in his prime years and has done incredibly well throughout his career inside of the Premier League. In 136 career appearances in the world’s best soccer league, he has a 93-13 record with 64 clear sheets and just 101 goals conceded. 

Now if this was happening throughout the beginning of the actual Premier League season and he has shown some issues that is one thing, but if he is nursing an injury then he should sit out and have his job completely secured as he has enough dominance throughout his career to be a star inside of the goal. Alisson has been doing extremely well throughout his career and even if this was happening throughout the season, he has enough good will to work through this right now.


Unless you have some incredible goalkeeper that is the next coming of Allison ready to take his place, then this is not an issue. Caoimhin Kelleher is a backup goalkeeper for a reason as everyone loves the backup until he begins to get exposed by higher-caliber players, which will happen. Alisson can have whatever physical or mental issues regarding the game of soccer that he can have throughout the preseason, or even early in the regular season but things will straighten out as he is nowhere near losing his edge inside of the net. What do you believe is the biggest issue with Alisson right now?