The Reds boss says there is not any fear around Anfield over the illness and there are no plans to create contingencies in the summertime.

Liverpool aren’t carrying the coronavirus threat softly but are yet to consider amending their pre-season schedule, according to Jurgen Klopp.

The illness, which emerged in China’s Hubei province in December, has affected individuals in at least 53 countries and killed more than 2,800.

Italy has been impacted by the virus in Europe, with several cities in the country’s northern areas put on lockdown.

That has resulted in widespread postponements of sporting events at all levels, while five of the weekend Serie A matches are set to be played behind closed doors, such as the Derby d’Italia involving Juventus and Inter.

Newcastle United have taken to banning handshakes among staff and players for a prevention method after medical advice, but Liverpool aren’t making such conclusions just yet.

Klopp was unaware of whether the problem will impact their pre-season plans, which according to reports could have a match in Asia.

“Not yet, over the pre-season we have not thought of modifications yet,” Klopp told reporters on Friday. “The biomedical department, all information we get from there.

“But if you [the press ] come in here and do not shake hands, I am now just two metres away from you, so whatever you’ve got probably can not avoid getting it also. We had an interview out and were even closer.

“We take it really serious, but you can not avoid everything. It is not a football problem, it is a society problem, what we all have in common, so I think everyone is considering it at this time.

“Hopefully the men and women that are much smarter than we find a way to [finish the illness], or medication, as that’s clearly the big problem right now, we do not have that yet.

“Hopefully it will settle, but at the moment we deal like the rest of the people, take it seriously and possibly do not do things like maybe you’d usually do, but it is like when flu is going around.

“For us it is the same, we can not do anything different to that and I believe at the moment everybody takes it serious.

“We haven’t told anyone not to shake hands, but we have not said you’ve got to shake hands. We’ve got all these disinfection areas where we could wash our hands, but is that sufficient? We do not know.

“No one has told us that we can not play soccer, and so long as that does not happen we’ll play football.

“It is important we take it seriously but not become crazy, since there are other areas in the world where it is harder and hopefully we find a very quick solution.”

Liverpool are next in action on Saturday as they visit relegation-threatened Watford.