Have you ever wondered why bookmakers use different statistical forms when setting odds and why they usually have a database of numerous statistics? This is because statistics could be used to increase the chances of success. Nonetheless, the number of statistics you have as a bettor does not really matter. It’s crucial that you understand them and use them appropriately when picking your team for betting. 

When talking of the big clubs in the English Premier League, there are several teams you can easily relate to. These include Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, and Newcastle United. Do you need to bet on Manchester United vs. Liverpool? You can’t ignore the fact that you will need statistics, as it’s a great way to improve your chances of success. In this article, we’ll unveil information about both FCs that can help your sports betting career. 

Manchester United Vs. Liverpool Betting Statistics

While you seek gambling sites that accept revolut, you need to strive to learn about the teams you want to bet on. For Manchester United and Liverpool, the record of the events between them reveals that both have met 39 times. And from these meetings, Man-Utd could boast of 17 winnings, while Liverpool could boast of 14 winnings. Between both FCs, there have been 8 fixtures that have ended in draws. Check below for more betting statistics that can help you.

Manchester United FC

From the last five games (away and home), Man-Utd has been able to get ten points. This implies that the team is able to pick up two points in each game on average. Both Teams To Score (BTTS) are able to land three of these games. And in the last five fixtures, the club has scored 11 times. 

When Man-Utd plays away, they do not see scoring as a problem. The evidence is in how they have been able to score in the last eleven games they have played away from home. Man-Utd is gaining momentum as the team has won four straight games without being beaten. And for the last five games played, the club has won three.

Moreover, you may expect some goals from the FC—there is the possibility of them scoring two or more goals in their last eight games. Due to their impressive record, Man-Utd stands the chance of keeping up the momentum against Liverpool. From the last five games, Manchester United has lost just one. The team drew one and won three. For the five consecutive matches for Man-Utd, the club and Liverpool have scored in three games.

You may want to base your decision on how Manchester United has been able to score in the last fifteen games and be proud of eleven goals in the last 5 games.

Liverpool FC

For the last five games (away and at home), Liverpool has been able to get ten points. This means that the club is able to pick up two points in each game on average. In the last five matches, the team has scored six times.

It has been a source of pride for Liverpool not to have been beaten at home in five games. The club is really gaining momentum as they have claimed victories in four games. And in their last five games, they have won three times.

For the last 5 games, the team’s sheets have remained clean four times. And they are able to add 3 goals to their records during the period.

You may want to base your decision on how Liverpool has been able to win five games in the last five, draw one, and lose one. And there is a possibility that the manager will change tactics for subsequent matches since they have been struggling to score a significant number of goals. But their last match showed great hope for the team as Liverpool defeated Man-Utd with seven goals to nothing.


There are several ways to increase your chance of success while betting. You can do this by using statistics or following experts’ tips. You may find it challenging to take a firm stance between great teams such as Man-Utd and Liverpool. But through the betting statistics after them, you should know which one may favor you.